City Vibes

  • Stata Vibes

  • Georgetown Traffic

  • Flying T Balls at the Paramount

  • South Station Groove

  • Vintage Night Drive

  • Downtown Moonset


  • Zakim Bridge Under the Lechmere Viaduct

  • Boston in Fall - Tower View from Mount Auburn Cemetery

  • Bunker Hill Monument at Sunset

  • Blue Angels Over Constitution

  • Evening on the Greenway

  • North End Aerial with Rooftops

North End Feasts

  • Twilight at Saint Anthony's Feast by the bandstand

  • Flying to the Madonna

  • Feast Fare: Italian Sausage and Peppers

  • Putting a ribbon on the statue of St. Joseph

  • Madonna Della Cava Feast 2017

  • Dancing with Saint Agrippina in Boston's North End

United States

  • Lincoln and Washington Reflecting Together

  • Sunset Over AM Foster Covered Bridge

  • Empire State Building over NYC Skyline

  • Artist Bluff White Mountains, NH

  • Pittsburgh sunrise

  • Desert Tower Star Trails

Around the World

  • Kálfshamars Light - Skagafjördur in Northern Iceland

  • Madagascar Baobab Tree at Sunrise

  • Burano Street Canal

  • Aurora swirls over Nenets camp in Northern Siberia

  • "Rise" Lake Baikal, Siberia

  • Red Square and Saint Basil's Cathedral, Moscow, Russia

From the hub of Boston, I wander the world to explore the mood of a place, its magical light and mystical shadows. 

I often add illusion and dislocation to the streetscapes of metropolitan cities and quaint towns that form the backdrop for my digital art (and sometimes along with the people within).

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