Sunday, August 19, 2018

It is feast season in Boston's North End! That means lots of colorful event photos of these century-old traditions. This weekend is the 108th Fisherman's Feast which is practically outside my door. Though I am not a member, I was very touched that the society remembered my mother, Frances, at this year's feast opening when newly deceased friends are commemorated.         

Next week, comes the big St. Anthony's Feast. Already in August, we had feasts for St. Agrippina and Madonna della Cava. Before those, there were weekend processions for various saints, including St. Joseph, Padre Pio, St. Rocco and more. The full rundown of feasts is listed at including a new addition this September for San Gennaro in Boston.

Photographing the North End's Italian Feasts is one of my ongoing projects. I am about 8 years into it and who knows, maybe a photo book is in the making! There are so many stories. I included a few random pics above from this year so far.

Check out all my feast photos here.


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