Friday, August 31, 2018

Boston is known for as a "fireworks" town, from the iconic July 4th display over the Charles River to the New Year's Eve show over Boston Harbor. A newer tradition, six years running, is to have fireworks on the Thursday night before Labor Day weekend, before folks head away. It celebrates not only Labor Day, but the unofficial end of summer. One could also says it welcomes back the 15% of Bostonians that show up this time every year for college.

The top photo shown a super wide angle (12mm) with the fireworks on the harbor toward the left with the traffic of Commercial Street, and the Boston skyline to the right. Smoke is always a challenge with fireworks. There is always less smoke in the beginning of the show, but ironically the most during the dazzling finale.

Fireworks is one of my ongoing projects. See more fireworks images here.


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