April 1, 2020

Empty Faneuil Hall during COVID-19 pandemic

The beginning of Spring would normally have Boston streets bustling with locals and visitors taking in the season after a long Winter. As the business shutdowns and stay-at-home advisories associated with the COVID-19 outbreak have gone into effect, the streets are very quiet with very few moving vehicles, and only a smattering of social distancing locals walking around. All the tourist and community sites are nearly abandoned as shown in these photos from around town.

  • Prado - Paul Revere Mall with no tourists

  • Commercial Street during coronavirus

  • Empty Union Street

  • Here to Italy on Hanover Street

  • Clouds over Prince and Salem Streets

  • Government Center T Station

Beyond the empty streets, some of the city's landmarks have been reflecting the strange times. Tony DeMarco, 1955 welterweight boxing champ, wears a mask and Superman shirt while the Boston Harbor Hotel at Rowes Wharf takes part in the #LoveFromBoston campaign displaying a heart in its empty hotel rooms at night.

  • Super Tony is going to knock out this virus!

  • #LoveFromBoston


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