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October 22, 2020

I made the mistake of trying to be at two places at the same time while in Northeast Vermont last week! It was just so tempting during this over the top sunset. Fortunately, I made it to Cabot (home of the cheese!) and this classic scene of the AM Foster Covered Bridge just as the sun was fading over the horizon.

Nestled between the Green Mountains and the Connecticut River, these valleys in upper Vermont are lush and brilliant with fall foliage colors in October. Driving past the farms and  quaint towns is just as fun with a bevy of covered bridges along the way. 

The AM Foster Covered Bridge is actually a reproduction of the Martin Bridge in Mansfield. With the COVID-19 restrictions this year, Vermont is relatively quiet and I was the only person here which was quite a treat.

Having arrived late, I had to rush to find a composition. With the curving lines of the river and sweeping grasses, this angle seemed perfectly lined up with the sunset and the mountains in the background. I did photoshop out a sign that said "dangerously deep water". I am not sure I believe that, but I did not test it out either!


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