October 1, 2020

Downtown Moonset

The full moon in the Fall season, known as the Harvest Moon, can be spectacular if you get some clear skies. This morning was particularly well setup as the moon was setting right over downtown Boston which makes it easier to shoot and get a decent composition. 

Instead of just a single moonshot, I played around with time-shifting the moon as it moved over downtown. My goal was to target the angle toward the waterfront area where the American flag was flying under the Rowes Wharf arch. The moon also provided a nice reflection on Boston Harbor from where I was setup over at the Hyatt Harborside near Logan Airport in East Boston.

Notice how the moon becomes more orange and darker as it approaches the horizon. It also creates a pleasing glow when it goes behind the skyline.

Overall, it was a very pleasant morning to be out shooting the Harvest Moon!


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