September 5, 2020

Architecture in Boston’s North End consists primarily of early 1900s tenement housing. Despite being cheaply built for the immigrants they originally housed, the four and five-story buildings have stood the test of time. The interiors having been largely modernized, but the exteriors still maintain most of their original features. 

Tenement Architecture in Boston's North End  - Photo by @mattcontiphoto

Tenement Architecture in Boston's North End - Photo by @mattcontiphoto

Note the copper bump-outs for light and air in what was once the country's most densely populated neighborhood. And despite the need for economy, there always seemed to be an effort to add a few ornate touches on the eaves and facades. 

  • North End Architecture

  • Henchman Street architecture and Old North

  • Battery Street Architecture

Zooming out a bit, the streetscapes show the rowhouse-style tenements and the simple, yet attractive, streetscape design. The triangular street patterns also created iconic viewpoints, including the North End corner of Prince and Salem Streets.

  • Hanover Street Streetscape

  • Clouds over Prince and Salem Streets

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