Over 200,000 attended the 103rd "Feast of all Feasts" held in the North End, representing the largest Italian festival in New England. The fun continued all weekend with Italian American music, delicious foods and confections, religious services, cooking demonstrations, olive oil and cheese tastings, radio and TV broadcasts, and the grand procession of Saint Anthony & Saint Lucy, featuring award-winning drum and bugle corps, marching bands, sponsor floats and color guard.

Confetti fills the sky over a money covered statue of Saint Anthony during the Grand Finale as the band plays "When the Saints Coming Marching In"

  • Society members carry St. Anthony statue through the finale crowd

  • Money ribbons

  • Ribbon girls of Saint Anthony

  • Jeanette puts a ribbon on St. Anthony

  • Ribbons from the window

  • Colors for St. Anthony

  • Confetti closeup

  • St. Anthony returns to Feast Chapel

  • Crowds surround the St. Anthony's Feast Procession

  • St. Anthony enters Caffe Paradiso

  • Boston skyline with Saint Anthony statue

  • Roma Band plays on Hanover Street

  • Joanne Brogna as a Ribbon Girl

  • The lift on N. Margin

  • Relics processed through the streets

  • Night carrying crew for Saint Anthony

  • St. Anthony procession with the Boston skyline

  • Espresso martini, anyone?

  • Augustine Parziale places a devotion over the statue of St. Anthony

  • Fried dough - a summer festival standard

  • Scott plays the trombone at the feast opening

  • Sausage Making

  • St. Anthony's Feast Procession

The Honorable Michelle Wu, Mayor of Boston joined members of Saint Anthony and Saint Lucy Societies proclaiming the last weekend of August 2022 “Saint Anthony and Saint Lucy Feast Weekend” in the City of Boston.

Mayor Wu also rededicated North Margin Street as Via di Sant’ Antonio and additionally dedicated the street as Via di Santa Lucia. North Margin Street was originally dedicated as Via di Sant’ Antonio by former Mayor and Ambassador to the Holy See Raymond Flynn in 1984.

Dedication of Via di Sant' Antonio & Via di Santa Lucia

The crowd erupts at the dedication of Via di Sant' Antonio and Via Di Santa Lucia

  • Boston Mayor Michelle Wu speaks at the dedication of Via di Sant' Antonio and Via Di Santa Lucia

  • Unveiling new street dedications for Via di Sant' Antonio and Via Di Santa Lucia

  • Elected Officials at dedication

  • District 1 City Councilor Gabriella "Gigi" Colletta reads the proclamation with State Rep. Aaron Michlewitz, Councilor Ruthzee and Mayor Michelle Wu

  • Via di Sant' Antonio and Via Di Santa Lucia Dedication and Proclation of Boston Feast Weekend

The 101st Feast of Santa Lucia (Saint Lucy) was celebrated featuring a procession of the statue accompanied by devotees and marching bands on her five-hour procession throughout Boston's North End. St. Lucy, Vergine e’ Martire is known as the Protectress of Eyesight.

Bringing out the statue of Santa Lucia

  • Members of St. Lucy Society

  • Sen. Lydia Edwards with members of the St. Lucy Society

  • Passing the pasta with St. Lucy

  • Placing a devotion for St. Lucy

  • Procession of Santa Lucia

  • Fr. Michael holds the relic of St. Lucy for a blessing

  • The light hits St. Lucy's procession

  • Carrying St. Lucy through the streets of the North End

View many more photos in the online galleries of the 101st Saint Lucy's Feast and the 103rd Saint Anthony's Feast as part of a decade-long collection of feast history.

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