June 6, 2022

Milky Way at Acadia's Great Meadow

There is no better place to start the Milky Way season in New England than Acadia National Park, near Bar Harbor in Maine. The rocky coast, lakes and lush forest presented many opportunities for spectacular night scenes,

  • Acadia Tree Beacon

  • Galaxy through the treetops

  • Lupines at Acadia

  • Milky Way Leaning Tree

Early June brought clear skies allowing for some terrific night photography. I used some light painting as needed to highlight various features, such as in the lupine image above or the tree and rocks below. Otherwise, it was literally pitch black with a new moon and a ceiling of endless stars.

  • Boy at Bar Harbor Fountain in Agamont Park

  • Acadia meadow

Nearby Bar Harbor is the main launching point for Acadia. It was once a quaint little town, although has been getting increasingly busy. Fortunately, the ratio of ice cream shops to people is still very high! If you’ve visited Bar Harbor, you will recognize the fountain below, lit up in lights where a child was enjoying playing.

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