Photographing in Morocco brings a feast of colors, a myriad of landscapes and beautiful people that bring the culture to life. The North African country has had every European power, including the Romans, holding control of its key trade routes at the mouth of the Mediterranean, just south of Spain. Arab and Berber rule were dominant before it became a protectorate of France in the early 1900's, gaining independence in 1956. The French language is still largely spoken here as well as Moroccan. 

The medinas of Fez and Marrakech still reflect much of their ancient "imperial city" character.  Casablanca is not the city Humphrey Bogart recreated in Hollywood, but has some worthy spots. The blue pearl, Chefchaouen, brought fascinating scenes as a town built into a mountain and painted blue. And of course, the pull of the Sahara Desert to the east of the Atlas Mountains brought classic dune imagery with plenty of camel modeling sessions.

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